Monday, 12 July 2010

Indigenous people challenge NT intervention - come see what the Allyawarre have done at Ampilatwaja

It's here in Melbourne at last!
Come and see what One Community can do against bureaucratic paralysis

Melbourne film premiere

Indigenous people challenge NT intervention

Friday, July 16, 7pm

Northcote Uniting Chrurch
251 High St, Northcote

The NT intervention – launched by John Howard and extended by the Labor Government – has meant total disempowerment of Indigenous people. It has taken back rights won over the past 50 years.
The Alyawarr people are fighting back. They have established a protest camp. This film chronicles this important struggle and the solidarity it is receiving from trade union and other activists.

Film screening will be followed by speakers just returned from the NT “justice tour”, who will report back on the NT Indigenous rights convergence in Alice Springs and the Ampilatwatja protest camp.


For more info, phone 0431 311 520

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