A lost dog and his friend, a pig, in Whittlesea.
A lost dog and his friend, a pig, in Whittlesea.
A pig and a dog found scampering together along a street in Melbourne’s north late today might be lost but at least they have each another, say police.
Officers found the golden retriever and his porcine buddy running in tandem along Milky Lane, Whittlesea about 3.45pm, and it was obvious the pair were a double act.
Leading Senior Constable Mick Hall said it was likely they knew each other before taking to the streets, possibly having escaped from the same home.

“They act like a pair of pork chops when you try to separate them,” he said.

“They’re lying all cuddled up together on the front lawn waiting for their owners.”

Police believe the dog is a golden retriever or labrador, aged about 18 months old. The pig is white, smaller than the dog and is also believed to be young.

Anyone who knows where the furry friends belong is asked to contact the The Vet Practice in Whittlesea on 9716 2495.