Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Jane Korman and her Dad : Dancing Auschwitz

Last November, I was on GreenFaith Australia's magic trip, Walking Humbling: a journey to the Murray.  One of the Walking Humblies (as we now call ourselves) was a marvellous, smiling person - Jane Korman.  I read in The Age to-day that Jane is still 'stirring up' the populace with her delightful video,
Dancing Auschwitz

We Walking Humblies were fortunate to have seen the video as we travelled central and northern Victoria learning of the water situation in that part of the Murray Darling Basin.  Jane told of us of the controversy about this joyous survival story and we were inspired by it.  If one can survive through such trials and tribulations to dance in your latter years, this is truly life sustaining.  Glad to see you in the news, Jane. 

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