Friday, 16 July 2010


There's nothing Miss Eagle likes more than creative, innovative community protest and its happening in Russia.

Fed up with the blaring sirens used by government officials to get to their destinations faster than the ordinary Muscovite, a group of frustrated drivers, organized by Alexei Dozorov, is fighting back.

Using toy buckets on the tops of their cars to look like sirens, the protesters assemble in a Moscow parking lot and get their instructions from Dozorov.

Obey the traffic rules, he tells them so the police wont have a reason to pull over the drivers. Make sure your drivers license and papers are in order, and know the driving rules, he advises.

In case he is stopped Dozorov has a copy of a court decision erasing a traffic fine for a driver having a blue bucket on top of the car.

Alexei Dozorov is stopped many times. But as a retired police officer he knows the rules that officers have to follow. When he is pulled over by a policeman, Dozorov goes on the offensive. First he asks to see the officers identification. The officer complies.

What is my offense? he demands next. Then he reprimands the officer for putting his hand too far into the car, another rule. Finally the police officer lets him go and Dozorov cruises the streets of Moscow honking his horn in solidarity with members of his blue bucket brigade.

Produced by Nikita Tatarsky, RFE/RL's Russian Service

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