Wednesday, 20 May 2009

OZ RECYCLE - still freecycling

Don't know how many of you have used Freecycle - a sort of recycling E-Bay.  Have just received this email telling that they are now called Ozcycle:

Dear Australian Recyclers Community Member
You are receiving this email because you are a member of the community which was located at
If you wish to change you subscription please follow the links below

Due to a conflict of Trademarks we have been forced to move from our old address at to a new address at

We will be operating the site as per usual and your login details remain the same. We hope you will join us there ( and tell anyone you know who may be interested to also come and join us. You can invite others by going to your profile in the 'Manage My Stuff' link and click on My Invites. You could also let your local council know about us as we are sure they would like to save on landfill as much as we like to give, get and

We appreciate your past support with a growing community and hope to see you at our new address to continue to give, get and save. Please be sure to bookmark our new address at

Warmest Regards
The Administration Team
OzRecycle -


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