Friday, 29 May 2009

Get Up and Human Rights

It's not every day we get to turn our online movement into one with real world presence. What if you could get together face-to-face with other GetUp members near you to help advance a whole host of your shared concerns with just one piece of legislation?

The Government is currently canvassing community opinion on whether Australia should formally protect our human rights - so we're inviting you to host a GetTogether in your neighbourhood on June 11th, to make sure your community's voice is heard in this historic consultation.

It's your chance to create change from the grassroots up - while meeting others who share your concerns and your postcode:

Some powerful voices in Government are hoping there's no community interest in protecting human rights - but we already know that's not the case.We know of hundreds of Australians who've been turned away from the official Consultations around the nation because they were full.

We don't think that any Australian should miss out from having their say - that's why we want you to host your own. If you missed out on the official consultations, went but had more to say, or just want to work for grassroots change in your community - this is your opportunity.

It's fun and easy - we'll provide you with everything you need on the night (even the guests!). All we need from you is to pick a venue (a local cafe, library, or your living room) and sign up now:

Our rights are not an abstract concept - they're about our everyday lives; education; health; climate change and water. Likewise, the GetUp movement is not an abstract concept either - we're real people, in towns and cities around the nation, willing to work together for change.

That's a powerful thing, and we have a unique opportunity to use it - by pushing our Government to join the rest of the democratic world with legislation to protect our rights. Your GetTogether will be tasked with creating a submission to tell them exactly what you want that to look like.

Thousands of Australians will be lining up to take part on June 11 - but first we need you to host an event for them to come to.

Thanks for being a part of history,
The GetUp team

PS - Thousands of Australians have already taken part in our GetTogethers over the last couple of years - and found them a great experience... Check out ourGetTogether page to find out more.


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