Thursday, 28 May 2009

Animals Australia goes to Mind Body Spirit

This psychedelic cow came from here.

The Mind Body Spirit Festival is on in Melbourne again and Animals Australia will be there.  Miss Eagle is on the roster so if you want to come and say g'day to me I will be there on the Animals Australia stall on Friday 5 June from 10am to 2.30pm.  If you pop across here, you will see the sort of things we will be talking to people about.

When we volunteers are rostered on, there is also an Animals Australia staff member rostered on as well - you know the sort of thing, handling the trickiest of questions, etc.  On my roster, I get Jesse and I am just tickled pink.  Jesse is co-manager of the Animals Australia activist network and he is so gorgeous, talented and energetic.  Jesse has even done time overseas with PETA.  Jesse has brought to Animals a range of ideas and techniques which stimulate us to activism.  

 Jesse demonstrated for us early last yeartelevision monitors that strap on to one's chest.  Wonder if he will have them at the Mind Boyd Spirit Festival?  These monitors can play a DVD so a person can stand there in public view with one of these on and the story goes on without the person having to do all the explaining.  Marvellous!

Look forward to meeting your there!


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