Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bushfires....and the aftermath

On 7 February 2009, Victoria was ablaze. Hundreds died. The flames came to the outskirts of Melbourne. The photos linked below were taken after the fires and have come to me from a friend with connections to the Warburton Environment Centre. It is estimated that flames in the Murrindindi fires reached 1000 degrees Celsius. I drove through this country five weeks ago. It was amazing to see a house standing with houses either side burned out. I drove down an avenue of burned trees which one could look through to an avenue of green. One is stunned at how some are taken and some gone in the flames. Go here for Liz Jackson's report for 4 Corners. If I had been present on the oval at Marysville, I would have felt that, any minute now, the rapture would occur or the Archangel Gabriel was about to arrive to herald the Second Coming. One hears about ember attacks - and someone caught the ember attacks on video. Stunning. Horizontal sparks of fire!

How is the recovery proceeding? Miss Eagle would appreciate receiving some reports based on personal knowledge. Sometimes it is only after the drama has died and day to day life takes over that the need for assistance can be really assessed. If you have this sort of knowledge, please email misseaglesnetwork(at)gmail(dot)com.

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