Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gathering #chestnuts and #friendships at Gembrook.


Yesterday was Chestnut Gathering Day at the Gembrook Retreat at Gembrook in the Dandenongs, east of Melbourne.  Friends - and friends of friends - descended on Steve and Jane's place; about a hundred in all as it turned out.  People spread themselves all over - in the house; out on the terrace; around a fire under the chestnut trees roasting the harvest on an open fire; and, as can be seen in the collage above, some went up a tree and some just sprawled in the sun. As for me, I made some beautiful new friends and met up again with some old friends whom I hadn't seen for quite a while.

Miss Eagle's harvest - more than enough for a single lady of great antiquity - is in the white basket.  To-day, I will score the harvest. Then I will boil it.  I will then apportion the chestnut flesh into zip-lock bags for the freezer where in the weeks and months to come it will get added to all sorts of dishes.  The 'net is full of chestnut recipes.  Yesterday, Somara cooked the speciality of the house, a chestnut and vegetable soup.  I contributed some of my home-made bread.  Yummo!

By the way, it was Sharee’s birthday – so much jollity.  Sharee was my chauffeur – and I am very appreciative of her services in this regard and her friendship.

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