Tuesday, 19 April 2011

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Then look at the Google ads on the right.

For Networkers who may not have discovered the controversy with Twiggy Forrest and Fortescue Mining Group on one side and the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation on the other, please go to my previous post.

I "Follow" Jim Belshaw on Twitter and I am a frequent visitor to his blog, Personal Reflections, and I happened to glance at his sidebar and discovered the Yindjibarndi advertisement.  Google ads do their best to match advertisement type to site text.  Jim occasionally writes about Aboriginal matters/history around New England in New South Wales where he lives as did his family before him.  So the word 'Aboriginal' is the only connection between Jim and his blog and the Google ad.

If you click on the ad you will get the Twiggy version of events.  I saw Twiggy's video a couple of days ago.  Twiggy is the wealthiest man in Australia and I would have thought that when he used video, it would be a bit better than this cut-to-pieces version.  To be sure, it won't hit Cannes or the Oscars.

What appears to have now happened though is that Twiggy is using his fortune or that of Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) to push his "product" and his point-of-view.  Ah well, I suppose there's not much point in having the money and the corporation at your disposal, if you can't use it to try and change perceptions and get your own way.

I have written to the Yindjibarndi advising them of the Google ad.  I have placed their reply below.  Please note the details so you, too, dear Networkers can keep in touch and spread the word about what has been happening at Roebourne.
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