Friday, 1 April 2011

Taking Andrew Bolt on through the Courts - Part 15: David Barrow's Court Report #9A #indigenous #raceissues #courtproceedings



VID770/2010 Pat Eatock v Andrew Bolt & HWT
Friday 1st April 2011

It was hoped that today would be the final day of trial, however, following a slower period of careful questioning yesterday of Mr Neil Young QC by Justice Bromberg on some of the complex jurisprudence, the trial will continue through until at least Monday, and possibly Tuesday.

Perhaps because it was thought it was going to be the last day of trial, or just spontaneously, in what could charitably be described as an act of good will, as the parties entered court this morning, Mr Andrew Bolt presented the daughter of the lead applicant Pat Eatock with 9 copies of Gibbon's “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” for her mother and the other 8 named group members. Pat’s daughter said that she thought that her mother was already well across all of that sort of history through her higher degrees, and perhaps so were the others, but if public libraries would take them then Mr Bolt could send them there for the public interest.

As it happened, in a sort of spontaneous reciprocation, though really more in an effort of consciousness raising, I was asked by a representative of the applicant group members to present Mr Bolt with a statue of a white man standing on top of a hill sucking a spearmint. After at first giving a lengthy aesthetic interpretation of the work, Mr Bolt said that he understood it to be a sort of satire perhaps, which he opined tended to get steamrolled in court, and he even ventured a title for the posing man, aprilfool, and all were in accord.

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