Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Support #AnimalLovers and #BanJumpsRacing: work & spend to stop #horses being killed for #sport


Every great campaign needs resources and energy.  
So does Ban Jumps Racing. Ban Jumps Racing comprises a coalition of activists and organisations who want to stop the killing of horses. Horses are dying regularly, sometimes frequently, and horses are being injured often seriously to give humans something they define as 'sport'.  You can read why jumps racing needs to be banned - immediately.  

Eight days ago three horses fell at Warrnambool.  
One horse was put to death.
See picture below

The new Victorian Racing Minister, Denis Napthine, as his predecessors have done, 
has promised review but not banning.  
The Warrnambool Racing Committee.
Picture by Damian White in The Age.

Clearly, the jumps racing industry is highly influential and manages to capture each racing minister as he comes to power, if not before.  Reviews and similar motions make not a fig of difference in the long term.  Eventually, jumps racing becomes business as usual and part of the business is the killing and injuring of horses.

Society has made illegal the blood sport that is dog-fighting.  
We need to abolish the blood sport that is jumps racing. 
Casa Boy had to be put down after this fall.

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