Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The #penis as a #weapon of #war. #power #dominance


Tess Lawrence has been in touch with me to-day.  Tess is most concerned about Iman al-Obeidi and women like her who are tortured, raped, and otherwise mistreated.  Rape is one of the oldest weapons of human warfare still in use in the 21st century CE.  It would be difficult, I would think, to find a war in which rape has not been a feature.  Rape is a unique act of aggression from an individual upon an individual.  

Tess has written a strongly constructed piece on the use of the penis as a weapon of war.  Beware: this subject matter might not be everyone's cup of tea.  Tess outlines the advantageous features of the penis as a weapon of war and the immediate and residual effects of its use..  If you read this article and agree with what Tess has written, could you lease pass this on to your own networks.

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