Friday, 1 April 2011

Aussie healthcare - becoming unaffordable and inaccessible? #healthaccess #prescriptions #affordability #accessibility #abs #statistics


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Scary news to-day about how and if we can access health services in Australia and how many of us don't get prescriptions filled because we can't afford it.  

This scares me - and I am sure it will many Australians - because I am so ready to condemn the USA because of the experiences of poorer Americans.  

I am in receipt of that well-known arts subsidy, the Aged Pension.  What I read to-day makes me feel as if I am living in the lap of luxury.  I am bulk-billed at the doctors and my medication, by and large, is subsidised through the PBS and my GP, where she can, takes care to prescribe nutritional supplements so that they can be cheaply obtained.  In the USA, there are aged people who cross the body to Canada to smuggle (coz it's against the law) their pharmaceuticals back into the USA because of cost.  

I am sure Australians will be shocked - because this is why we have Medicare Australia, so we think. I am sure that Australians living in poorly surviced areas in rural and regional Australians will be exasperated - but perhaps thankful that there are statistics to push in the face of governments across the continent.

For further details, please download the Australian Bureau of Statistics document below:

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