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Latest news from the #Yindjibarndi in their resistance to #TwiggyForrest and #FortescueMetalsGroup(FMG)

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Brothers and Sisters,

A lot has happened since FMG acted to remove our video from the Vimeo Host site with legal threats – interest in our video and our story has redoubled. Even though FMG has bought advertising on GOOGLE to put their corporate video – “The True Yindjibarndi Story” aka “The Yindjibarndi Meeting” – at the top of all GOOGLE searches in an effort to hijack and confuse people searching for our video, this just seems to have boosted interest in “FMG’s Great Native Title Swindle”, and also attracted the attention of mass media. ‘Social media’ especially is not buying the FMG spin. See HOTLINKS bulletin below for media coverage.

See articles attached [or visit]
After a week of intense attention to FMG and Andrew Forrest’s controversial dealing with the Yindjibarndi people over land access, which was triggered by the video “FMG’s Great Native Title Swindle”, Andrew Forrest was privileged by an opinion piece in The Weekend West(AGENDA 9 April 2011, p66). The West Australian gave Yindjibarndi and Michael Woodley a right of reply the following week (The Weekend West AGENDA, 16 April 2011, Page 64).
In his piece, “Handouts a poor agent for help”, Andrew Forrest specifically targeted the Yindjibarndi, incorrectly claiming that they “overwhelmingly voted” to withdraw their objections to, and work with FMG. Forrest also stressed that equitable financial compensation (capital equity) should not be ‘handed out’ to Aboriginal people in agreement making [as it is with other land title holders!]. Michael Woodley’s reply focused on the kind of agreement that would truly respect Yindjibarndi Ngurra and people, and give genuine, long-term opportunities for self-development, rather than the paternalistic, strings-attached offers of ‘help’ from Forrest.
Read and judge for yourself.

Links to all the latest articles in the media are made easily accessible on the Yindjibarndi web site. See the HOTLINKS page

Yindjibarndi have responded to FMG’s censorship-by-legal-threat by relaunching its online TV Channel. To see all of our videos please visit:
On the Yindjibarndi Channel you can also tune in to a SPECIAL NEW RELEASE – “Swine River”, a TV play by David Milroy about the ‘stacked deck’ of native title dealing. Swine River was broadcast nationally on the remote indigenous network ICTV last weekend. This weekend ICTV will broadcast the sequel – “Killer Kane”, a play about the destructive ‘divide and conquer’ attack by a mining company on Aboriginal community (to be posted online soon).

Please see attached a special message of thanks from Yindjibarndi CEO Michael Woodley to all those who have voted with their wallets, and made donations to the Yindjibarndi FIGHTING FUND. This is so important in helping us to get our message out and to assist with legal expenses.
If you can please donate by
Click on the  “YINDJIBARNDI FIGHTING FUND” button.

Last Sunday (17/4/11) the thoughts of a church congregation were with Yindjibarndi in a Sermon given by Neville Watson of the Wembley Downs Uniting Church. Neville Watson’s Sermon offered a profound moral perspective on the attack by FMG on the Yindjibarndi community. See attached “Palm Sunday Prayer for Yindjibarndi”.

Thanks to overwhelming public support, the Yindjibarndi GetUp Campaign Idea – Stop mining company rorts of Native Title – Save us from Twiggy Forrest/FMG – has gone to the top of the ‘Indigenous’ issue list with 1217 votes and has gathered 323 comments!  It is now ranked 20thover-all. Please encourage GetUp to ACTION the campaign.<>

The Yindjibarndi Facebook is also gathering pace. It is another solid way to keep information flowing. Please join us at:

Yindjibarndi have been greatly encouraged by the ‘rolling thunder’ of public support, but we know the biggest battles lie ahead. Just today (19 April) FMG’s VTEC staff were out door-knocking in Roebourne peddling their ‘Trojan Horse’ of employment & training – the decoy that hides the massive annihilation of our native title rights that is buried in the belly of their ‘Indigenous Land Use Agreement’. We remain daunted by the struggle that lies ahead. FMG coffers and resources are gigantic – Yindjibarndi survive on the smell of a possible justice.

Michael Woodley                              
CEO Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation
0419 097 130
For background & research materials please visit:

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Donors Thankyou from Yindjibarndi.pdf
Donors Thankyou from Yindjibarndi.pdf
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Donors Thankyou from Yindjibarndi.pdf
Donors Thankyou from Yindjibarndi.pdf
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Michael Woodley Reply to Forrest Opinion Piece 16April2011.pdf
Michael Woodley Reply to Forrest Opinion Piece 16April2011.pdf
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Palm Sunday Prayer for Yindjibarndi.pdf
Palm Sunday Prayer for Yindjibarndi.pdf
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Original Press Release Woodley response to Forrest.pdf
Original Press Release Woodley response to Forrest.pdf
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