Thursday, 7 March 2013

The rogues gallery: Ferguson, Adani, Newman and drivers of destruction

Dudgeon Point Drivers - Drivers of Destruction

I hope this picture finishes up as a darts target.
These are people who don't care for country.
These are people who are selling out Australia
to the highest bidder.

Left to Right:
Martin Ferguson, Labor Minister Minister for Resources and Energy and Minister for Tourism.
Miss Eagle predicts that his post-political career will involve mining and tourism boards providing opportunities for free travel and free beds and beer.
Gutram Adani - for whom claims as an environmental vandal are made. See his profile below.
Campbell Newman, Liberal National Party (Australia's Conservative Party) Premier of Queensland.
Known as Can Do Campbell - we are seeing what he really can do and it's not nice.

More about Adani

Gautam Adani, owner of the largest port in India's private sector, saw his wealth fall by $2.3 billion as shares of his Adani Enterprises tumbled by 40% in the past year. His $7 billion (revenues) Adani Group, which is among the country's top power producers, also owns coal mines in Australia, Indonesia. To prune debt, it is selling its stake in an Australian coal terminal to Adani's family though price is yet to be determined. Losses also mounted at Adani Power, listed power unit, largely due to soaring coal costs. Group's port arm, where son Karan works, was reportedly among those denied security clearance to bid for certain ports. It has appealed to the government to review its case. In another setback, the government cancelled Adani's 4500-acre special economic zone citing alleged violations of certain rules.

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