Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tony Ingraffea on Planet America this Friday & Sunday: Coal Seam and Shale Gas and environmental concerns

Denis Wilson of The Nature of Roberston has written:

Picture below is from here
I have seen various videoed Lectures by Tony Ingraffea.

They have  often been marked by lousy presentation, but he really knows his stuff and is very direct in condemning failures in design and construction of wells, bores and pipelines,

An item below you may be interested in:

ABC-TV’s weekly program about US politics and society, “Planet America” will be airing an interview with Dr Tony Ingraffea of Cornell University, NY - one of the signatories to a letter to President Obama calling for a halt to Coal Seam and Shale Gas drilling in light of new environmental concerns.

The interview will air nationally on ABC News24 at 7.30pm this Friday, March 8th and will be repeated on Sunday at 4.30pm.

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