Friday, 15 March 2013

Environmental protection is only as good as the environmental laws supposedly providing protection. Tell Tony to stiffen them!

This week, the Federal Government announced it will amend our national environmental law so new major coal and coal seam gas projects that will impact water resources will require federal approval.

A step in the right direction to protect communities & the environment from unchecked mining & gas development! Even this first, hard fought step will only be effective if approval powers stay in federal hands.  

Thanks to thousands of people like you taking action last year, the Federal Government halted its plan to hand environmental approval powers to the states – this is our opportunity to call on the government to remove this threat once and for all.

We have a very small window of time, Environment Minister Tony Burke must hear from us now. People all across the country have called for the protection of our water resources, natural heritage and wildlife, and the government is starting to listen. 

Big business is pushing back against these gains and our politicians need to hear from us that we need stronger not weaker environmental laws to protect our forests, reefs, wildlife and water resources.

We need you help today! Please email Environment Minister Tony Burke and ask him to make sure the power to protect the places and wildlife we love stays firmly in the hands of the Federal Government.

Be sure to visit the webpage on Monday to see the major ad we’re running in support of the Places We Love! 

Thanks so much for all you do,

The Places You Love Campaign

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