Friday, 8 March 2013

Doctor Denis has a chance to do the right thing - please sign this petition and ask him to do so

Ted Baillieu's resignation presents the Coalition 
with the opportunity to dump the former Premier's 
regressive anti-wind farm laws (called VC82).

Research by Friends of the Earth estimates that the wind policy 
championed by Ted Baillieu has cost Victoria 
around $887 million  in lost or stalled investment.

Meanwhile, much of our best farmland is under exploration for coal or gas. 
Gippsland produces food worth $1.3 billion each year, 
yet the fossil fuel industry is hoping 
to greatly expand mining operations across this region.
The new Premier must show he is listening to 
community concerns about new coal and gas.

To:  The Honourable Dr Denis Napthine, Premier of Victoria Let's get Victoria back on track: clean energy, protect our farms

Congratulations on your appointment as Premier of Victoria. This gives the 
 Coalition the opportunity to dump the former Premiers regressive 
anti-wind farm laws (VC82).

Research by Friends of the Earth estimates that the wind policy championed
 by Ted Baillieu has cost Victoria:
• Around $887 million in lost or stalled investment.
• 650 direct jobs lost or stalled in construction.
• 54 on-going jobs in management of wind farms.
• 1,408 indirectly associated (flow-on) jobs.

South Australia has been the main beneficiary of VC82, with substantial 
 development of the wind sector in recent years. Job opportunities, investment,
 and income for farmers and local Councils have moved west as a result of the 
barriers that have been placed in the way of this clean energy source.

Please commit to re-writing these laws and return balance to the planning system
for renewable energy.

Last year, the Coalition government acted to respond to community concerns about 
the threat posed by new coal and gas operations across southern Victoria by implementing a moratorium on the process of Fracking in gas production.

Victoria must learn from the example of NSW and Queensland, where on-shore 
 coal and gas is devastating rural communities. Please act to permanently protect 
our precious farmland.

I urge you to maintain the current moratorium on fracking, and extend it to any exploration activity for coal or gas.

Please initiate, as a matter of urgency, a thorough investigation into the
 likely impacts of this industry on:
• water resources,
• farmland and food security,
• local communities and natural biodiversity, and
• greenhouse emissions.

Without this data it would be negligent to allow any further development of the fossil fuel indust
ry in our state.

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