Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Water resources impact will now be considered in CSG and coal mine assessment and approvals

From Lock the Gate Alliance:

Lock the Gate Alliance

Breaking news: The Federal Government announced that new coal seam gas and coal mine developments that could have a significant impact on water resources will require federal assessment and approval.

This reform is a step forward on a long road to genuine reform of coal and gas mining laws in Australia. It has only been achieved because of the determination of people, like us, all around Australia to protect our priceless water resources.

This step today demonstrates that we can achieve change, that our communities are incredibly powerful when they are united.

We congratulate all the members of parliament who heard our voices and fought for this reform.

Today's announcement demonstrates the importance of our national reform agenda, our Call to Country, launched last week. Our Call to Country includes 8 actions that the Federal Government can take to protect communities and the environment from inappropriate mining. The inclusion of a water trigger was one component of that plan.

Today our federal politicians have shown us that they do have the power to act on the issues of coal and gas. But the changes announced today are only one part of our much larger Federal reform agenda, an agenda that we need now. And today's changes are fraught with loopholes - they don't cover shale gas and tight gas, and they won't apply to a lot of projects that have already been approved or assessed.

This is why we will continue working in our communities, right across Australia, to campaign for the implementation of the rest of our Call to Country federal reform agenda.

Today's announcement has shown us the pathway to change - we know we can do it.  Now we just need to keep building momentum for the powerful reforms that can actually protect the places we love.

"This is about all Australians. What sort of Australia do we want?" Drew Hutton, President of Lock the Gate.

How you can get involved today:
Thank you for joining us as we stand up and fight for the future of this great big backyard of ours.
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