Thursday, 28 March 2013

Build it and they will come - Learn Locals are expected to raise digital literacy in Victoria

Victoria’s Learn Local adult and community education providers are or soon will be providing through the Intel Easy Steps program a consistent approach to improving levels of digital literacy across the state, helping individuals to learn basic computer applications, such as email and word processing, internet search, multimedia, and basic social media skills.

Based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, showing gaps in levels of computer ownership, internet usage and the web presence of businesses, the digital literacy shortfall in Victoria could be estimated at over one million people aged 15 years and over.

It is expected that around 7,000 individuals are expected to enrol in digital literacy courses with qualified and experienced educators through the state’s network of about 300 Learn Local providers.

Clearly, the Victorian Government is working on the idea that "build it and they will come": provide the digital literacy courses and the people will come.  

So to you 7,000 individuals out there - 
get thee to your Learn Local and enrol now.  

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