Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bryan Law has gone from our midst. The Peace Movement mourns his passing.

Lifelong social justice anti-war activist Bryan Law, passes away Australian Anti-war and social justice advocate, veteran activist Bryan Law, has died in Rockhampton. He was 58. Bryan Law, who had recently moved from Cairns to Rockhampton awaiting trial for damage to a military helicopter, passed away after a long illness. He was born in 1954. 'War without end, not in our name' He was a determined activist to the very end. In the Cairns political landscape, the name Bryan Law is synonymous with speaking out and stirring the pot. Almost every Cairns resident is familiar with his actions and activism. The Cairns Post infamously called him a serial pest, from a cub journo who had run out of adjectives. Serial he may be, but I prefer to label Bryan a veteran activist.

The above photo and text are from
Michael Moore's

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Sympathies of The Network are extended to
Margaret Pestorius and Joseph.

Let us work to put 
the energy and planning and resources into peace
that are put into war.

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