Saturday, 7 July 2012

Will abolition of Amsterdam's famed red light district destroy human trafficking, drug sales, & illegal money laundering?

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Holland wants to close down its red light district.  Not only is the district famous for prostitution and girls in windows, it is also a convenient place for your drug of choice and taking your money to the laundromat.

But what happens next, I ask?  Decentralisation of the red light economy? A move to the outer suburbs? I know the Dutch are pretty clever but can they stamp out prostitution, drugs, and money laundering with a stroke of the public policy pen?

My view is to deal with the demand end - but for millennia male dominance in decision-making and wealth has prevented that and it is difficult - if not impossisble - to establish bulwarks against a p*n*s-driven economy.  

Human trafficking is a globalised trade of significant proportions as is drug and currency trafficking - and law enforcement agencies don't seem to have made all that much of a dint in any of the degradation which these trades represent.
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