Thursday, 5 July 2012

Is Clive Palmer finding a place in our hearts and minds?

Clive Palmer is becoming our latest form of political entertainment - although his proposal to prevent lobbyists from becoming office bearers of the Liberal Party of Australia is quite serious, intelligent, and deserves widespread support across all political parties.  His publicly announced and discussed intentions to enter the Federal Parliament seem to be tortuous when put into practice.  He has named this seat and that seat as places where he would like to hang his hat but I am wondering if Clive is keeping his options on a series of roller blinds to be pulled down at successive media interviews on the subject. And don't you just love the idea of Palmer in Papeete?  Do they have mining or minerals in Tahiti? If so, just watch it, Tahitians.  Clive might come to stay as King of  O'Tahiti.
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