Monday, 23 July 2012

The Grimey Awards - nominate your dirtiest shopping centre. Gold cockroach to your filthiest shopping centre!

When it comes to dirty shopping centres, hard-working cleaners have seen it all.

Filthy toilets, dirty food courts, overflowing rubbish bins and spills left to fester – and all because cleaners at our most popular shopping centres are not given enough time to do their jobs well.

Cleaners have worked hard to end this hygiene crisis, repeatedly asking major cleaning contractors  and major shopping centre owners  to sit down with them and find a resolution.

But they have refused.

Pick your dirtiest shopping centre and award a Grimey! Click here to vote now

So now it’s time to name and shame our worst offenders – and that’s where you come in.

Cleaners want to know about the filth and messes you’ve seen at any of our shopping centres. Have you seen a toilet so disgusting that you had to back away? Or a food court so filthy you decided to eat somewhere — anywhere — else?

Or perhaps your local mall could just do with the thorough clean that cleaners are never given the time to do?

Whatever your experience, cleaners want to know about it. So please take a moment to cast your vote in The Grimeys – it’s the Olympics for dirty shopping centres!

You can vote for the centre with the dirtiest toilet, the filthiest food court and the most unpleasant shopping centre overall.
The winner in each category will be awarded a gold medal – actually, a gold cockroach.
Give the gold cockroach to your filthiest shopping centre! Click here to vote now

It’s not an award any shopping centre will want to brag about.

But the embarrassment of winning the award could prompt our worst shopping centres into finally cleaning up their act. It may give them the push they need to finally give cleaners time to do their jobs.

And Brigid, that means you and your family can enjoy your local shopping centres without worrying about grime, filth or picking up a nasty bug.

Many thanks,

Melbourne’s shopping centre cleaners.

PS You can also upload photos and videos of the nasty sights you spot at your shopping centre. So get out your phone and start snapping!
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