Friday, 20 July 2012

The question? Does Mal Brough have long-term form for conspiracy?

Before Mal Brough becomes nothing more than a footnote in the political history of Queensland and Australia, I want to ask Networkers to ponder the question: Is conspiracy a tool in Brough's kitbag; further is it  a penchant within his personality?

If conspiracy and Brough are to be considered in the same breath, what evidence is there?

The first public evidence of which I am aware comes in an outline by Walkley Award winning journalist, Chris Graham, former editor of the National Indigenous Time and now managing editor of Tracker. Graham does  a presentation in which he dissects an ABC Lateline story which undergirded the decision for The Intervention and connects this to conspiratorial goings on in Brough's office.  Graham's presentation is very credible - and particularly taken within the context of ignorance and racism lurking in many and varied corners of the Howard Government.

Update 2012-07-31:  Chris Graham has written once more about the Brough led conspiracy which led to The NT Intervention which has been re-incarnated in 2012 by the Gillard Government as 'Stronger Futures'.  

One has to ask Rudd and Gillard - if The Intervention was based on conspiratorial lies with the army superimposed on dreadful public policy, why do you in your right minds (supposedly) continue this policy and even go to the extent of re-issuing it under another name i.e. Stronger Futures?

Fast forward nineteen years to what appears to be another conspiracy involving Mal Brough. Now there is the Brough-Ashby-Slipper conspiracy which appears to have as its goal the destabilisation of The Speaker of the Australian Parliament (who won his seat as a Liberal but is now an independent)  in his Federal seat of Fisher and the installation of Mal Brough so that he can re-enter federal politics.

While the whole scenario has yet to play out completely through the legal system, cracks are becoming well and truly evident.  Brough's conspiratorial throw of the dice for the Fisher may be out of time and well and truly superceded by wunderkind James McGrath.

Ah, Queensland!
The more its politics change
the more they stay the same.
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