Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The creativity, stimulation, and sheer power of networks

As Networkers understand, Miss Eagle is a great believer in the power of networks and networking and joys that come from interaction with people in networks.  The graphic at the topic of this blog is a favourite of mine because it shows networks in the form of triangulation.  Even though I am insufficiently mathematical to understand the intricacies of triangulation, I love the whole idea.  Triangulation is what has been used by explorers to understand the world, to measure it, and to allow us to get to know it better.  Triangulation also has spiritual qualities, in my view.  It is the wonderful concept of three - of the triune.  Christian doctrine has it in The Trinity.  Numerology has the number three as the integer of creativity.  How many times do we use the structure of three in our language and concepts - because it seems so satisfying.  

However, in his film The Power of Networks, Manuel Lima goes beyond this into startling new concepts of network organisation and their complexity.  The story of networks progresses and it is open to question whether we mere mortals will ever fully comprehend network structures and their immensity, their capacity.

All I can say for myself is that networks and networking are fun.  I am stimulated by the whole idea. I find the concept of reaching out, in-gathering, organising, increasing knowledge and interactions mindblowing and creative.  The full extent of networks and networking give an insight into eternity ... an ongoing of ideas and relationships without end.  

Below are some ideas about networks to get you started and get you thinking:

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