Monday, 28 March 2011

Taking Andrew Bolt on through the courts - Part 5: David Barrow's Court Report No. 3 #aboriginality #indigenous #raceissues #courtproceedings



VID770/2010 Pat Eatock v Andrew Bolt & HWT
Mon 28 March 2011
In the afternoon session personal evidence was given by Pat Eatock and Bindi Cole.

Mr Merkel QC for the group members read out a witness statement on behalf of each lady before they entered the witness box.

In my opinion, the witness statements were compelling personal narratives and I understand that they will be available as public documents through the Court Registry.

There was not much time devoted to cross-examination of the two witnesses by Mr Young QC for Bolt and HWT.

The case resumes tomorrow morning when it is planned that Larissa Behrendt will provide her personal evidence.

[David Barrow of Melbourne] 
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