Thursday, 24 March 2011

Significant woman has passed away - no, no Elizabeth Taylor reference #film #aboriginalissues #indigenous


Dear All,

Sadly, this email is to inform you that one of the stars of Our Generation has passed away. 

She is the passionate and courageous woman who takes us into her overcrowded home, sharing with the world her living conditions and her fighting spirit. She is the woman who defiantly tells the world that the Government cannot take away her shadow, her culture.

She was the first person to speak out on camera over 7 years ago when director Sinem Saban first met her on Elcho Island. She was the person who inspired the making of the film.

We have recently sat with her family at Elcho Island to discuss her continued presence in the film. They all wish for her image and voice to remain, and for her message to keep spreading.

Judy (her English name) will not be forgotten, nor will her cry for justice. Her struggle was not in vain, and we are honoured to be able to carry her spirit in the film.

If you have purchased a Community Screening version of Our Generation, and have concerns if it can still be shown, we assure you that all public screenings of the film can go ahead with her family's approval. 

As a symbol of our deep respect to Judy, her family and her people, Damien and I suggest that any public screenings in the next few weeks entail a moment's silence dedicated to Judy and her message. 

Thank you all for your support.

Warm wishes,

Sinem & Damien

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