Monday, 7 March 2011

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – rally for equal pay – Event 1 #iwd #equalpay #women #rights

Tuesday, 08/03/2011 - 5:30pm - 7:00pm
State Library Swanston Street Melbourne CBD Victoria

Women earn on average 18% less than men and the gender pay gap is getting worse! This International Women’s Day, take to the streets to demand action on pay justice.
Rally Tuesday 8 March, 5:30 pm
State Library, Swanston Street
Followed by a lively march to a range of city targets!

We demand:
Wipe out the pay gap! Demand equal pay as a right for women, Indigenous people, youth and seniors, immigrants and temporary residents and people with disabilities.
• Fund pay equity: tax the rich, scrap handouts to big business and stop the war!
• Scrap the enforced dependency on partners and parents—an independent living wage for all!

• Victory to the community sector workers and federal public servants now — no gradual phase-in period!
• Strengthen our unions: scrap WorkChoices lite! Abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission!
• Union democracy: the right of union members to decide the goals and priorities of their unions through full discussion and majority vote. Free speech within our unions!
• Abolish youth and disability wages: pay the full adult rate for all!
• Scrap the basics card! Fund jobs and services in Indigenous communities on award wages.
• Stop the exploitation of overseas students and temporary residents — prosecute employers who pay less than the award wage!
• For affirmative action and fully funded training programs to tackle the sex segregation of the workforce.
• End the mandatory double domestic shift: Free, 24-hour childcare! Fully funded social services! All carers to be paid a living wage!
• Solidarity with low paid and exploited workers everywhere!
Organised by Pay Justice Action:
a grassroots initiative of the Freedom Socialist Party.
For more information call 9388-0062 or email:
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