Saturday, 26 March 2011

The NSW Elections - Part 2: Tim Duddy, Independent candidate, seat of Upper Hunter


Tim Duddy on the stump

Tim Duddy is running as an Independent candidate in the seat of Upper Hunter which includes the great NSW food bowl of the Liverpool Plains.  Tim has played a significant role in the Caroona Coal Action Group and the maintenance for a year or more of the community blockade by the group as they took on major national and international coal corporates threatening the food bowl.  See more on this here and here.  You may have seen him on the Four Corners program about the blockade.  Tim is active in his own community as demonstrated by his position as Councillor on the Gunnedah Council.  

You can read more of Tim and the activities of the Caroona Coal Action Group at Denis Wilson's blog, The Nature of Robertson.  

The seat of Upper Hunter is National Party country through and through.  One would think that Tim would be a true green and gold National Party man. But Tim is standing, standing up to be counted on the issue of food security and the intrusion of the mining corporates into our lives and the lives and business of those who provide our food.  Tim is clearly a community minded man but also a man who can deliver as his active involvement in the maintenance of the blockade proves.  Please consider him strongly when deciding your voting intention.
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