Monday, 28 March 2011

Taking Andrew Bolt on through the courts - Part 2 #andrewbolt #aboriginality #indigenous #raceissues



For Part 1 of this topic on this blog, please go here
Warning: if you wish to follow the comments on Part 1 please do so - but it appears that the majority of these comments come from people who share the views of Andrew Bolt and some people might find them unattractive to say the least.

Dear Networkers,

As those of you who visit regularly will know, this blog is not some slick, splashy professional creation - although I wouldn't mind if I could make it that way.  It is a humble Blogger blog focussing, in the main, on matters of social justice with a little politics thrown in and a bit of spiritual stuff here and there.  I try to inform, educate, with likeminded people.  At this point in time, my blog attracts about 650 people a week which in blogging terms is neither here nor there.  On Saturday, my blog received approximately 6,500 visits.  Excepting approximately 200-300 visits, the majority came there from a link placed by Andrew Bolt on his blog.  Below is a picture of Bolt's site and the words in the first line appearing blue when clicked upon come directly to my original post on Aboriginality which I refer to as Part 1.

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You will note that Bolt refers to "my courtroom".  Didn't know that individual citizens could possess a courtroom.  Thought they were the property of the Crown. You will also note that he withdrew comments from his blog, closed comments, and apologised to the Court for "not having closed comments in the first place".  

Networkers, if anyone with business before the Court relating to this particular case has only to go over to the Comments on Part 1 and you can see the sort of readership to which Bolt is catering.  If this was not clear from the column on 26 March 2011, it certainly became clear on 27 March when one of his readers (I am not 100% certain of this - it could have been Bolt himself), it would appear, linked to my blog.  This resulted in a few hundred more readers descending on the post.  See  below:

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The words in blue, "whiteaboriginalagainstbolt", link directly to my site.  You may have heard of Mark Textor and his famous push polling.  This is push blogging - when you are fairly certain your masses of readers will follow your links.

So to-day is the big day in Court.  
  • Crikey have a write-up here
  • The Age has written it here with a picture of Geoff Clark in his possum skin cloak.
  • David Barrow has sent a report of this morning's Court proceedings on the Part 1 site. It is printed below in a later post than this. Links in David's court report have been placed there by Miss Eagle.
  • I've checked the Herald Sun and News websites. If there is any mention it is tucked away somewhere a bit hard to get to quickly.  Certainly, not front and centre headlines.  Only to be expected.

So, Networkers, stay tuned.
In the meantime, you might like to consider your verdict.

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