Sunday, 16 January 2011

#Govts hate the prefix Public...but this library is loved. #publicinstitutions


Two disclaimers:
  1. I love the people of Stony Stratford, the Jewel of Milton Keynes, and their efforts to keep their library doors open and the books borrowed.
  2.   I am a former Public Librarian and I am an almost lifelong information junkie.
I am of the firm belief that modern liberal democratic governments hate, loath, detest anything which has a budget line and whose title begins with the word Public i.e. Public School, Public Hospital, Public Transport, Public Housing, AND Public Libraries.

Dear borrowers of Stony Stratford, please keep up the good borrowing.  This project has to be sustainable you know. There must be no slacking off.  You may not be able to clear the entire library of its material as you have now done, but you will need to continue to rotate those books regularly - say a minimum of 40% off the shelves.  

As well, you will need to ensure that your library keeps up to date technologically - so ensure that up to date IT stuff is installed and, please, don't forget to use it.  And don't forget the storytelling sessions for the kids.  Libraries have to have a family flavour.  And where is the local Toy Library situated? It would be great if it could be on your premises but if this is not considered the way to go, please ensure that Public Library and Toy Library have a close relationship.

It also pays to have on your local council, elected representatives who are keen borrowers.  You can check this out and focus on the antis and the not-so-literate.  

This article says that 400 libraries from the Isle of Wight to South Wales and Yorkshire are for the chop.  Britain is in a bad way economically and high priority for chop is a significant part of the nation's knowledge base.  Mmmm....that seems to make a great deal of sense. Sounds to me like digging your grave deeper. And not only is the government interfering with the distribution of knowledge. It is interfering with a key recreational hub.  So we really want an up and coming generation which is dumbing down and one thing less for them to do in their spare time?  

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