Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Qld Floods : RED rain : refugee chooks #qldfloods #animals


I have a friend living at Theodore in Queensland. She is back in touch and I sense that we are going to get daily chook reports.  As you will see from the latest messages. However, in one interchange I had to ask her to explain what RED rain was, which she had mentioned, is. Here is her reply. BOM is the Bureau of Meterology.
In terms of colours the BOM uses, RED is the third heaviest of Rain. If someone says to you Red rain, that means very heavy rain.

Have checked her Facebook photos. No chooks in sight ... yet

Postscript 9.45am 4/1/11
Friend has just been in contact as follows:
should be up 2morrow. hear cackling so should be some eggs. G is fascinated with his "girls". I keep reminding him when they eventually go, we will not be getting any of our own. Not now or ever! Chook feed brings mice and snakes love choo...k eggs. We were on the verandah a couple of nights ago, I thought we were storm watching, I said have a shower and let's do tea early. No G wanted to stay, I said watching a storm? No, I want to watch the chooks! The rain has definately entered his brain. Thank goodness work has resumed for him today and I am having a person free day.

More about the chooks

fancy the chooks coming by boat, then off loaded to a ute for the drive further up to Malakoff. I can see below where the chooks used to live, it is like Sydney Harbour. They were found on a header (grain harvester). They came in a big cage.... One got out first day and Dakota had to involve himself and managed to pull out a few feathers before chook escaped. G went searching, "oh the chook will be sick" he says, could not find chook, then he looked into Lavender bush, there is Chook hiding, nothing wrong except scared of Dakota.

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