Tuesday, 4 January 2011

MIKE STUCHBERY NEEDS A JOB - GIVE IT TO HIM PLEASE @mikestuchbery #employment #misery


Some weeks ago on Twitter, I discovered @mikestuchbery.  @mikestuchbery is a relentless Twitterer of tweets.  I wish I could show you the picture that first graced his tweets when I discovered him.  It was akin to the picture below from his blog - but it was a grouchy, pugnacious version with chin thrust forward and scowling eyebrows. The tone of the twits was similar - grouching at and lambasting the outside world - in a most amusing way.


We have heard about his job searches and all that is involved in that. We have heard the groans - but I didn't find them amusing, more heart-wrenching.

You see here we have an intelligent, articulate man with youth on his side; he is a trained teacher; an excellent modern communicator; confident user of modern media; and he displays a willingness to get in and mix it with anyone verbally or socially.

Of course, all that could be a bit much for some. And that makes one wonder about George Bernard Shaw's immortal words: Those that can do and those who can't teach.

I then wonder if @mikestuchbery might not be one destined to do rather than teach.  Even so, can't someone give this man a job.  Even if he develops into a great Australian writer and commentator, he will never become really great unless he has money to keep body and soul together and a working life to become the stuff of life experience and grist to his mill.  And what is all that guff that Julia Gillard sprouts about attracting the best graduates into teaching. This is cloud cuckoo-land stuff if the rest of the teaching graduates are going to be treated as so many casual bar attendants.  

So let's put @mikestuchbery out of his misery 
and the sympathetic misery of his twittering followers.


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