Sunday, 9 January 2011

#Arizona #shootings- Krugman on shooting -Klein on scary health debate -Statements from Obama & Palin


Meanwhile, pop over to the White House site to see President Obama's statement.  Hat tip for this to @mfarnsworth.

Again, hat tip to @mfarnsworth for directing me to 
the audio of President Obama speaking about the event.

And of course, as well as political blame there is the gun question which will always dog America until it comes to its senses.  In this regard, following up news links, I decided to use a search term with the words Arizona and shooting. And look where it led me.  Right into the den of those who promote life with a gun. Charming! And hat tip to @allinthemind for this:

...and for US citizens, @hyperlocavore says
gone dark for the victims... join me?

And here's Sarah Palin's statement.

Hat Tip to @mikestuchbery for re-posting a tweet of Ms Palin's from some time back. Violent language begets violent actions?

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