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Morality and Solomon Lew and the Australian consumer #GST #consumerism

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Solly Lew says in this article there is "a moral principle at stake here". Y'know I would never have thought of this phrase in connection with Sol. I wonder what was at stake when Solly was involved with Coles Myer. Go to this link and you will see what I mean. And Solly Lew thinks he can lecture Australian consumers. I mean to say....
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Mr Lew is chairman of Premier Investments, owner of seven of the 21 retail chains behind this week's advertising campaign calling for an end to tax exemptions for purchases from foreign websites worth less than $1000.
Mr Lew said the focus on local versus online prices was beside the point.
"Even if they charge the GST and duty, goods may come in cheaper from overseas, but there's a moral principle at stake here, and at the end of the day it will cost jobs," he told The Australian.
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Big Retail to expand tax crusade 

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2011-12-05: And BTW, Networkers, Solly Lew - ever a law unto himself, methinks - has been in trouble for building an unauthorised swimming pool and doing it on public land, no less.  The land adjoins his property. Locals have been outraged, conservative Member of Parliament outraged, local council threatening legal action. At last, it appears that Solomon Lew has caved. Much schadenfreude abroad in the general populace.

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