Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The realities of 2 November 2010: in Australia it's a horse race : in the USA, the Tea-Party election

There are many co-existing realities in our big wide wonderful world.
In Australia, to-day there is one big question - neigh one big issue.
Can the wonderful Bart do it again?
At approximately 3pm AEDST
This is Australia's big day.
It is probably only second to Anzac Day
in the national psyche. 
And here below is the focus of the pre-Cup question -
who will win?

Meanwhile in the United States of America, they are yet to wake up to 2 November.
They have important business afoot - if only they will choose to vote.
The first Tuesday in November for Americans is NOT Melbourne Cup Day.
No, Obama is not up for re-election.
This is the mid-term election -
the day when Senators, Congress Reps, Governors, 
and sundry others get elected to their respective offices.
Just as Australians have a big question about who will win the Cup,
Americans are wondering whether The Tea Party will be a winner.
Some people are cheering for the Tea Partiers.
Others are cowering and peeking through their fingers at it all.
People like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are trying to moderate.
So, Networkers, we want you to know what the TTP issues are:

Thx, Denis for the hattip to the video.

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