Saturday, 13 November 2010

United Nations Elects Executive Board of New Agency for Women’s Empowerment

The United Nations, due to reform processes within the UN, has established a new agency for the empowerment of women under the title of UN Women.

After this weeks indication of how things are not progressing in Australia, a bit of reform - correction, a big bit of reform -  is needed here.

You can bet your bottom dollar a lot of resting on laurels will be done over Paid Parental Leave by the Federal Government.  Trouble is that there are a huge number of women in the workforce who will not need to avail themselves of PPL but are suffering under burdens of discrimination, female unfriendly facilities and cultures, and - that's before we get to talk about training, skilling, experience and promotion.

Australia - indeed the whole of Oceania - doesn't seem to have got a guernsey on this UN entity.  Perhaps, too much time was spent on jockeying for position on the Security Council.  I know we are in a less populous corner of the world - but could it be that we were easily overlooked because our reputation is out the back door with regard to the advancement of gender equity and women's interests in Australia - particularly in the workplace.

BTW, Miss Eagle has decided to make her own contribution to workplace rights for women.  As of to-day there is a new blog for which I am seeking contributions on workplace issues and experience.  It is called Women on the Job. Have a poke around.  There is stuff on there already - including lots of good links.  Have been asked along to the next meeting of the RTBU's Women's Committee to talk about these matters.

Information has it that the CEO of Metro, Andrew Lezala,  has undertaken to up the employment of women in the total Metro workforce from 18% to 50%.  Some jump I know but good on you, Andrew. The RTBU women will be right behind you - to a woman!

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