Monday, 29 November 2010

Livestreaming a conference - Australian Science Media Centre

Kate McGrath - CoS, Ch Ten
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One of the great benefits of the digital universe is live streaming.  How wonderful not to have to travel – even from the suburbs – to a conference.  I am writing this as I am participating in a conference and my TweetDeck twitters away in the bottom corner of the screen as you can see above. 

This conference is one called An intro to the news media.  It is aimed at scientists in mid-career and tells them how to get their message through to the media.  It is designed to give people who are expert in their field some good information, straight from the horse’s mouth.  It is organised by the Australian Science Media Centre.

This section is giving an insight into the way the news media works. It gives a whistle-stop tour of some of the key issues, hearing from journalists, press officers and other scientists about:
• the deadlines that journalists work to
• the role of the editor
• how journalists find stories
• top tips for dealing with the media
• the role of the media manager
• what scientists can get out of working with the media

Further into this afternoon’s conference, there will be a line-up of distinguished scientists discussing their media experience:
- Prof David Karoly - University of Melbourne
- Prof Richard Boyd- Monash University
- Prof Mark Febbraio - Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute
- Dr Amanda Barnard – CSIRO

And, Networkers, all this information is for free. I registered for it through the centre. And here it is.  I don’t know how difficult it is or what expense is involved in livestreaming such a conference – but I would love a lot of meetings further down the foodchain to be organised like this. Skip the traffic, forget the weather. Participate – in comfort – saving time and minimising effort.

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