Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Plug the Pipe is pulling the plug on itself...Let's hope we learn from the experience

Word has come through (download the file below)
that Plug the Pipe looks like disbanding.
Upcountry there's rejoicing
because they believe their job is done.
Good on 'em -
but I do hope that through all this people 
have learned a lot about water beyond their own bailiwick.
Defeat of politicians is a temporary thing -
and how often we can be mistaken about
who is for or against what in politics.
Still the water keeps on coming and going.
It has seen politicians and communities off, that's for sure.
So let's hope through all this we have grasped the bigger picture.
Let's hope that we have learned something about sustainability.
Let's hope it has sunk in where our food comes from,
how it's grown and the need for food availability and security.
Let's hope.....

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