Sunday, 14 November 2010

Canada signs UN Declaration. Will First Nations be screwed like Aboriginal people?

At long last Canada's conservative government has caved in and endorsed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

I hope the First Nations of Canada can get a better deal from their government than the First Nations of Australia.  Australia has a Racial Discrimination Act. However, this Act is kept on something like a roller blind with government suspending the Act on three occasions to do whatever it is that they wish to do for, with or against the Australian Aboriginal people. 

You will find by going here, a United Nations report of this year with their views on what Australia has been up to. Here's a report from the front in mid-year. Onto the third-quarter and we are nowhere near the finishing line. Still waiting for the Racial Discrimination Act. Word has it that December 2010 will see it re-introduced. But it was supposed to be re-introduced in October 2009 and the there was a sort of movement in the last week of parliamentary sittings in December 2009.

Here's the ministerial page. Shall we look around here for the missing Racial Discrimination Act. Can't see any mention and used the 'Find' facility to assist me. 

Now my sense of smell is not the best that there is around but it is quite serviceable.  I don't know about you, Networkers, but I can smell something downright fishy here.  And it's not just the smell of dead fish.  It's the smell of people being done over, shafted, getting it in the neck by people who are coming the raw prawn. 

A message to the Canadians: 
If you can get a better deal than this out of Stephen Harper & Co., could you please let us know here in the Land of Oz so we can try something similar here.  And if you don't do any better than people here, let me extend my profound sympathies in advance. We've given them a hung Parliament - but I don't think they get the message yet.

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