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Gender Matters - a new development from the International Women's Development Agency (IWDA)

International Women's Development Agency - Gender Matters Issue #1
International Women's Development Agency Winter Newsletter 2012

Research for change

Welcome to IWDA's newest publication—Gender Matters.
Gender Matters is a mechanism for IWDA to share emerging ideas and new research. It will come out twice a year and provide insights into gender and development issues from both a theoretical and a practical perspective.
IWDA has created a separate email list for Gender Matters and other research news. If you would like to receive future editions of Gender Matters, please subscribe to IWDA's Gender Matters email list.

Gender Matters Issue #1: Gender Synchronisation

This inaugural issue of Gender Matters addresses "gender synchronisation", or working with both men and women in an intentionally coordinated way to address gender inequalities. Case studies of IWDA's work with partners explore gender synchronisation in practice in Cambodia and Melanesia.
Written by Isadora Quay and Joanne Crawford, with contributions from Dr Michael Flood and Dr Patrick Kilby.

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IWDA is the only Australian development organisation entirely focused on women's rights and gender equality.
IWDA's vision is for a just, equitable and sustainable world where women have a powerful voice in economic, cultural, civil and political life. IWDA is secular, not-for-profit and works in partnership to create positive change across Asia and the Pacific. Read more on our website.
When women benefit, the whole community benefits.
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