Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic insights - of spirituality, oneness, and inclusion

Thoughtful Networker Junitta who lives on a mountain top in Gippsland, Victoria has sent me this. I publish it with her permission.
This 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony is undoubtedly the most insightful, spiritual one in my memory - and I have seen quite a few and attended one.Whoever designed it is well versed in sacred knowledge, it was all about Oneness. Following are a few observations.

There was much symbolism, metaphors and sacred geometry incorporated within it including Yin and Yang balance. So many more women were Flag Bearers and were in the forefront of the Ceremony - some Middle Eastern countries had women athletes competing for the first time.

The design of the Stadium had circles within circles, often lit up and moving. The halogen lights were all triangles with inner triangles around the top of the stadium and each Nations Flag was taken up the helix and placed in alphabetical order on the miniature Glastonbury Tor with the Tree of Life on top. Their progress up the spiral was a sacred ceremonial act.

The forging of the Rings was an alchemical act that resulted in the firing up of the rings into a stunning red gold with breathtaking showers of light emanating from them. The layout of the rings design was different, 4 rings in a curve below and one to bind them nestling on top with the Vesica Piscis connecting them all ie balance.

As each nation entered the arena, accompanying them was a volunteer who held a miniature copper 'cauldron' (a Celtic Tradition) It was wonderful to see the break with tradition of only one person lighting the Flame when 6 young athletes - 3 women and 3 men who symbolised our future - held their lighted torches to 6 of the 'cauldrons' (all of which represented each Nation) had been inserted into tubes that became stems and the flame travelled down each stem to lighting up as it progressed. As the 'cauldron buds' rose, they became a magnificent Lotus Flower that ejected showers of golden light when the flames became ONE, an awesome sight.

It was also great to see some humour 
ie Queen Elisabeth and James Bond!

There was much much more to interpret, 
maybe you will share your impressions too.

Love & Light

PS The technology that designed and created the Flame 

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