Sunday, 19 August 2012


Across the eastern seaboard of mainland Australia, conservative governments are failing to care for National Parks and are making destructive inroads into them in a variety of ways. The Victorian National Parks Association and the Environment Defenders Office are holding seminars for community organisations and individuals.

Land, water, wildlife and action against climate change are under threat under the Liberal National Party coalition in government in Victoria and via COAG (the Council of Australian Governments). Miss Eagle has uploaded a document at the end of this post providing details of these threats to the nation's laws protecting the environment.  

The Victorian Government is not noteworthy in regard to community engagement and consultation.  In short, the Victorian Government is quite competent in ignoring large sections of the Victorian community and expert in consulting with and responding to property developers, agripolitics, and wealthy vested influence, particularly those who cough up for the LibNat coffers.

The EDO and the VNPA will run a series of briefing seminars across the state to help
people understand the broad-scale attacks on environmental laws, and how community
members can respond and be heard on the issues.Come along and learn what you or your
group can do to help the campaign to defend our environmental laws.

Melbourne Seminar: 
Wednesday 5 September 2012, 6pm -7.30pm
60L Green Building, Ground Floor Meeting Rooms, 
60 Leicester Street Carlton
Bookings are essential

To register: 

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