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Endangered lungfish & other aquatic life being killed in Bundaberg - please sign the petition

Neoceratodus forsteri
Neoceratodus forsteri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The $250 million dollar "Paradise Dam," built in 2005 in Bundaberg, Australia, is a death trap for aquatic life. The $20 million dollar fishways built into the dam do not work, and turtles, fish and eels traveling downstream over the dam are smashed to their death on concrete steps below.
This horrifying display of carnage must not continue. »
In 22 days, 733 fish were killed as a result of the poor dam design. 152 were large endangered lungfish. The dam's death trap is significantly impacting the numbers of this species.

If we're going to preserve our country's diversity, we have to start taking action to protect its species. This massacre cannot continue. The dam must be fixed.

Please sign the petition to convince the Australian Department of Agriculture to promptly address issues with the Paradise Dam. »
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Stop the Fish Massacre! Fix the Paradise Dam!
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English: Australian lungfish (Neoceratodus for...
English: Australian lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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due to lethal Paradise Dam design
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