Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dale Hess - Calendar - 20120618

Tuesday 19 June, 6.30 pm – 8 pm:  Public Meeting: US Forces in Australia: Security or Risk?Public meeting organised by MAPW and partners to discuss the expansion of US military presence inAustralia and consider a campaign for a more peaceful course. There's a growing movement aroundAustralia challenging this new direction in our foreign policy, assisting the US change course. Main speakers are Professor Richard Tanter (on the expansion of US bases) and writer Nic Maclellan(implications for our region). As well, Maki Yohana will explain why Okinawans campaign against their massive US bases; and there will be a speaker from the Philippines and time for discussion. Trades Hall, Meeting Room 1 (enter at 54 Victoria Street Carlton). Free and all welcome.

Wednesday, 20 June, 7.30 pm:  The Herb Feith Foundation Seminar Series 2012 : Film screening: John Darling’s Below The Wind. Many Australians know little about the large number of Indonesian fishing boats seized and destroyed by Australian quarantine and customs authorities, not to mention the thousands of Indonesian fishermen arrested and detained. This film Below the Wind explores the background of these fishermen and why they have been caught up in the complex issues of territorial waters and fishing zones. It focuses sympathetically on the nomadic Sama Bajo people, poor “sea gypsies” who live on small boats or stilt houses in eastern Indonesia. Their expeditions to the northwest coast of Australia to trade and fish for trochus, trepang and shark fin predate European settlement and are recorded in Arnhem Land aboriginal song cycles. With their traditional areas in Indonesia fished out by commercial interests, they have been compelled to look further afield. At the same time Australian governments have been expanding their claimed territorial waters. The lives of the Sama Bajo are trapped by the interests of large commercial ventures, and the political issues of Indonesian and Australian governments. There will be an introductory talk about the film and its director John Darling by his widow Sara DarlingMonash University, Caulfield campus, The Cumming Theatre, Building K321, 900 Dandenong RoadCaulfield East. Light refreshments will be served. For enquiries about this event please ring:  9903 4616.

Sunday 1 July – Wednesday 4 July: Jewish-Christian-Muslim Conference: The Prophet Motif – Meeting the Divine Challenge Today. This conference will explore the historical, social and spiritual dimensions of prophets and how we might hear God's voice and meet the divine challenge for our own times in a variety of different ways and with the unique JCMA mix of studying, discussing, praying, eating and sharing as we get to meet each other as people of faith in Australia. Venue: Conference Centre, Pallotti College80 McNamaras Rd, Millgrove (Melways: Map 289 A2).  Single room: $365 per person; Single sharing: $335 per person; Couple: $660 per couple Sunday Taster: $50 per person. Further information: 9650 3294; www.jcma.org.au;registrations@jcma.org.au.

Wednesday 11 July – Sunday 22 July: Olympic Dam & Lizards Revenge Tour. Anti-nuclear & Clean energy's (ACE) Olympic Dam exposure tour 2012. From the organiser's of the Friends of the Earth radioactive exposure tour, join the ACE crew for this years Olympic Dam & Lizards revenge activists.  We will travel from Melbourne along BHP Billiton's proposed path of destruction to the heart of the South Australia's semi arid landscape. Travelling to the precious mound springs, Lake Eyre, the Lizards revenge DIY music blockade, the spectacular Gammon & Flinders Ranges, plus much more. Hear first hand from the people who are fighting for their country & the people who support their struggle against the worlds largest mining company. Total cost of tour will include travel, guides, accommodation & all organic vegan/vegetarian, G.F, food provided. Contact: Tully Starr 0410 388 187 or Zin Rain 0408 165 735. Email: ace@foe.org.au. Cost: $400 conc, $750 waged & $900 solidarity.

Saturday 14 July–Friday 20 July: The Lizard's Revenge-Olympic Dam expansion music, art, festival, protest.  Sleeping underneath the ground there is an old lizard, Kalta the sleepy lizard. The lizard ain't so sleepy anymore. BHP is mining right into that Lizards body. The government has just approved an expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium mine, making it the biggest uranium mine in the world. Kalta is angry and wants revenge. Arabana elder Kevin Buzzacott is calling the people of the world to help the lizard shut down the mine. He is calling for people to come and heal the land in the name of peace and justice for the next 10,000 generations to come. The land is being irreversibly poisoned in and around Roxby Downs by the tailings dam causing dust and ground water contamination, and contamination of its workers. Party in a Dangerous Planet with Theatre, Cabaret and Art installations. Over 20 musical acts. Solar Powered sound system extravaganza and wind powered cinema. Location: Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs gates of hell - South Australia. Contact Email: izzybrown@live.com. Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/224524544273924. Hosted by the DLF - Desert Liberation Front in response to the governments decision to expand Olympic Dam mine.

Monday 20 August–Friday 14 September: Walking for Country. Walkatjurra Walkabout is a pilgrimage across Wangkatja country in the spirit of our ancestors so together, we as present custodians, can protect our land and our culture for future generations. Walking for Country is to reconnect people with land and culture. My people have resisted destructive mining on our land and our sacred sites for generations. For over forty years we have fought to stop uranium mining at Yeelirrie, we stopped the removal of sacred stones from Weebo and for the last twenty years we have stoped destruction of 200 sites at Yakabindie. We are not opposed to responsible development, but cannot stand wanton destruction of our land, our culture, and our environment. We invite all people, from all places, to come together to walk with us, to send a clear message that we want the environment here, and our sacred places left alone.  Kado Muir, Traditional Owner, Yeelirrie. This walk will be lead by the Walkatjurra Rangers, in partnership with Footprints for Peace, Western Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (WANFA), the Anti Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia (ANAWA) and the Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA).  ALL WELCOME to JOIN for an hour, a day, a few weeks or the whole way. Email: walk4country@gmail.com. Phone: 0421 816 846 (Laura). Website: www.walkingforcountry.com  [Position open for Publicity and Communications Intern to work with the Organising Committee in all matters related to media and publicity.  The Intern would be responsible for liaising with all media in the lead up, duration and immediate period following the upcoming event Walkatjurra Walkabout – Walking for Country.  Any inquiries, 0421 816 846 (Laura)].

Sunday 23 September–Thursday 27 Sept: Swan Island Peace Convergence 2012.There is no end for this war in sight, and many of us feel powerless to stop it. Join us in Queenscliff,Victoria, for a week of learning about and nonviolently resisting the war: nonviolence training, community engagement, peace vigils, blockade the bridge to Swan Island military base where the SAS troops are trained for active combat in Afghanistan. Further info: http://swanislandpeace.org/and swanislandpeace@gmail...com

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