Saturday, 23 June 2012

Happy anniverary to me, happy anniversary to me - and thank you to Twopcharts for the reminder

I don't usually bother with blogging milestones.  However, my friend Denis over at The Nature of Robertson has been marking dates and numbers of posts.  

I congratulated him with this comment:
Congratulations, Denis, on your blogging milestone. We have been blogging together for quite a while. I haven't kept up on milestones myself but have done a check.

I began with The Eagles Nest on 6 June 2005 and wrote over 800 posts at This blog is now closed but still available.

I then continued at The Network with 1246 posts at Then there are my other blogs as well. These are to be found by clicking on the tabs at the top of The Network.

We are on Facebook together but I have yet to convince you to begin tweeting.

You and I are living proof that social media is not the sole province of the younger ones.

I have made some wonderful friendships through blogging including you. With you, I have had some of my bestest times. Your expertise is invaluable to me and I frequently prevail upon your environmental knowledge, particularly in relation to birds and plants. And then you send through to me material which you think will be appropriate to my interests.

When we first started blogging you were not in good health ... but you have survived some very serious life issues. Your fortitude, courage, and survival are admirable.

And even now you are often to be found on your tummy in adoration - and gleaning knowledge - of ground orchids. Words fail me in this regard!

Above all, one has to commend you in your endeavours to familiarise people with the Creation around them - through your lectures and tours in national parks and through your blog as well as membership in many environmental organisations.
However, imagine my surprise when I opened up my HootSuite this morning to find that I have been on Twitter for four years and it is MY anniversary. Thx to the good folks at Twopcharts for reminding me. Whoda thunk it?  Only seems like a month or three ago!

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