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Coal and Energy Conference speaks only to its own players : those protecting farms, food, country are outsiders.

More from Denis of The Nature of Robertson (see previous post on coal):

Look what they are able to do - with obscene amounts of money - hold a posh conference 800Km away from the area being talked about.
Presumably a new form of "consultation".

Its an insult.

For info.


Miss Eagle''s thoughts are about social licence at every level of Australian society and power.
Politicians, Bureaucrats, Corporations
and every community facility, business and organisation
have to say NO.
Have to say - 
You don't have our permission -  
You don't have our social licence.
Add to this protest
by demonstrating that you won't vote for your usual party preference.
If you can't see your way clear to vote for another party,
then put the ballot in the box blank.
Sufficient informal votes should make political parties aware
of the votes that are up for grabs - IF they do the right thing by country and community.

Picture here and below from A Black Cockatoo
This site is a fount of information.

Protest the Gunnedah Coal and Energy Conference

  •     8:30am, Monday 25th June.
  •     Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle.

Come along and voice your opposition to the destruction of the Gunnedah Basin's food, forests, and water.

The Gunnedah Coal and Energy Conference will take place over two days at the exclusive Crowne Plaza Hotel Newcastle, next week. It costs more than $3000 to attend, ensuring that only representatives from the coal and gas industries, and government, will be in attendance. Conference attendees will be discussing ways to increase coal and gas mining in the Gunnedah region, and bypass community attempts to stop them. Included on the agenda is a session exploring ways to bypass landowners who “lock the gate” on coal and gas exploration to protect their land and water. Another session will discuss plans to double Newcastle coal exports to “200 million tonnes and beyond”.

Opening up the Gunnedah Basin to massive coal and gas mining is being met with broad opposition from farmers, community groups, and environmentalists. If the conference attendees get their way, vast swathes of agricultural land and precious ecosystems will be decimated by the forward march of coal and gas mines. Communities will be torn apart as massive new mining projects land at their doorstep. Aquifers, rivers, and wetlands will be polluted and destroyed.

Let's show the conference attendees what we think about their plans to open up the Gunnedah region to massive new coal and gas projects. Join us to protest the conference on Monday morning, and give them a resounding “No!” to more and coal and gas.

See you there 
at 8:30am next Monday 25th June, 
at the Crowne Plaza, 
corner ofMerewether Street and Wharf Road, Newcastle. 
Bring placards, banners, and props 
that demonstrate our message to put food, forests, and clean water 
before coal and gas in the Gunnedah Basin!

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