Saturday, 23 June 2012

Baillieu Government : children and families overboard

Victoria is governed by a Liberal/National Party coalition
(this means conservative and even more conservative, respectively)
It is led by Ted Baillieu.

Ted Baillieu's talents for political life can be summed up as follows:
Wears a suit well
Is photogenic
Has nice manners
Significant wealth

He is a dunce at public policy and, clearly, takes advice from nutters
who think that rolling government into a tiny ball
and making it small
is a wonder to behold.

It's dumbest decision was to allow cattle to graze
in the Alpine National Park and claim this was supported by good science.

Now the Baillieu Government is on the ran-tan
to make itself teeny-weeny and hold on to lots of money for its friends.
(For friends, the words 'property developers' and 'real estate moguls' can be inserted.)
And who else is to benefit from the budget cuts, Baillieu & Co propose?
Certainly children and families aren't - 
an always overstretched and underfunded Human Services Department
is getting chopped and hacked.
Certainly the environment is not benefitting -
but we always knew that was a backburner department
even if masses of middle-class Liberal voters love National Parks.
And so it goes. Check the graphic above.
Count up how many of those cuts affect kids and their families.
Then see the number of jobs being cut in the relevant portfolios.

It soon becomes evident -
The Baillieu Government doesn't give a high priority 
to families and kids
but it does to money.

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